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Our aim

TrueNTH is a support service for men grappling with the news they have prostate cancer and what this might mean for their future. That means we support all men, regardless of size, shape, ethnic background, religion or sexuality. As you deal with the effects of the disease and the side effects of treatment, we’ll do our best to improve things for you and your partner, carers and family.

Funded by facial hair

Many of the moustaches you see in November are attached to folks fundraising for the Movember Foundation. TrueNTH is one of the men’s health initiatives that Movember fundraising makes possible. Thanks to all the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas!


TrueNTH is a Movember funded initiative.

Meet the TrueNTH Care Coordinators

Donna Cowan

Donna is a Specialist Urology Nurse who has worked across public and private sectors with experience in all tumour streams of Uro-oncology and functional urology including its associated procedures for over 20 years. She has been the Project Officer for the Victorian End of Life Care Coordinating Program as well as the Urology Multi-Disciplinary Nurse Care Coordinator and Research Nurse Coordinator at St Vincent’s Hospital. Donna completed the Prostate Nursing Care Course in 2015.

Donna joined Movember in 2015 as a TrueNTH Care Coordinator and in January 2017 added the role of TrueNTH Project Coordinator to her role, implementing the demonstration phase of the TrueNTH project across all sites.

Donna is an active member of the Australian and New Zealand Urological Nurses’ Society (ANZUNS) and was past chairperson of the Victorian Urological Nurses’ Society. She is past member representative for ANZUNS at the Coalition of National Nursing Organisations and in 2013 recognised for her outstanding contribution to the USANZ and ANZUNS.

Sam Gebert

Sam has spent over seven years specialising specialised in incontinence and prostate cancer recovery with a focus on continence and sexual recovery. He has considerable experience in community health with a focus on Chronic Condition self-management groups and men’s health groups with an emphasis on urogenital and refugee groups including school based programs.Sam also has 12 years’ experience as an emergency nurse.

Education – post graduate emergency nursing, postgraduate Health promotion and Nutrition, Master Urology and continence with major in erectile dysfunction.

David Hughes

Dave has worked as a community nurse for the Northern NSW health service since July 1992 and for the last 13 years has worked as the Men’s Health Nurse specialising in prostate cancer and fatherhood. He has completed a degree in Nursing and approximately four years’ post registration study in aspects of aged care. In 2013, Dave received a Winston Churchill Fellowship Award, consisting of a trip to New York, Virginia and Florida in America visiting hospitals and centres specializing in prostate cancer management and therapies.

Previously, Dave was actively involved in Men’s Health policy development and implementation, and has written and taught anti-natal classes for Dad’s in Bangalow (Northern NSW) including a university course in “Men’s Health”.

Since 2014, Dave has worked for the “Movember Foundation” as a Care Coordinator, supporting the development of an integrated approach to prostate cancer management.

Meet the Nutritionists

Nick Denniston

Nick is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Credentialed Diabetes Educator with a special interest in Men’s health. Nick has a high degree of clinical experience and interest in men’s health and chronic disease management. He has a background in supporting complex co morbid chronic disease clients as a chronic disease care coordinator in a community /sub-acute setting.  He has a wide experience across many service areas including private practice, acute hospital dietetics, community health, telephone coaching and public health domains. He holds extensive knowledge of service delivery models working in many rural and remote areas of Australia in generalist and specific indigenous health organisations.  Nick holds a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics, Grad Dip in Sports Nutrition and Grad Cert in Diabetes Education. His initial training was a BSc majoring in Physiology from Otago in NZ.

Brenton Baguley

Brenton is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and has worked in private clinical practice, hospital settings, and is in the final stages of finishing his PhD in the field of dietetic-oncology. Brenton completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) at The Queensland University of Technology, and a Masters of Dietetic Studies at The University of Queensland. Brenton has a range of experiences in the nutrition management of chronic disease, men’s health, and oncology including sports nutrition. Brenton has since been involved in various research projects including areas such as the nutrition requirements in ataxia-telangiectasia, fluid retention of different beverages for re-hydration, and the effects of nutrition therapy on men with prostate cancer.

Meet the Exercise Physiologists

Olivia Pisconeri

Olivia is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and currently works as a Research Assistant for the Exercise Medicine Research Institute at Edith Cowan University, Perth Western Australia. She is relatively new as a graduate but has already gained an immense amount of clinical experience, knowledge, interaction and insight in regards to prescription of exercise for oncology patients. Olivia works alongside the varying Professors, head researchers and PhD students at the institute accountable for recruitment, assessment and conduct of their developed exercise and cancer research trials. She is very passionate regarding holistic health and has a firm belief that structured exercise is a targeted therapy to improve and prolong quality of life for people living with cancer. Olivia is looking forward to gaining more experience and knowledge within this field.

Dan Bomford

Dan is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and works alongside Olivia at the Exercise Medicine Research Institute.  Immediately after graduating from University, he begun working at the institute, where he has gained extremely valuable experience working with cancer patients.  From the moment he commenced his employment, he has had the opportunity to learn from world leaders (professors and head researchers) in the field of exercise oncology, and this has proved invaluable.  Applying this experience into practice, Dan is working on a world-first global cancer research trial investigating survival rate of men with advanced prostate cancer.  Having been located at the institute for over a year, Dan is continually learning and gaining more experience every day.  This experience is further enhancing his belief that exercise is an essential therapy for all cancer patients.

Meet the Psychiatrist (Psychosocial care)

Olivia Wong

Dr Olivia Wong is a consultation-liaison psychiatrist in Victoria who works at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and in private practice. She works with patients and families through the whole spectrum of cancer services, from prevention to end-of-life care. Dr Wong has an interest in cancer prevention through her work in public health, hepatitis C and in the familial cancer/genetics setting. She is also involved in research in improving psychosocial care for cancer patients, and for those at risk of cancer.

Meet the Relationship and Intimacy Practitioners

Anita Elias

Dr Anita Elias is a medical practitioner, with a background in General Practice. She trained in individual, couple and family therapy, has specialised, and has worked in Sexual Medicine, Sexual and Relationship Therapy for 21 years. She attained the inaugural Fellowship of the European Board of Sexual Medicine in 2012.

Debbie Owies

Dr Debbie Owies is a medical practitioner who has had the pleasure of working in The Sexual Medicine and Therapy Unit at Monash Health for the last 12 years, where she works with two wonderful colleagues Dr Anita Elias and Dr Vicki Windholz. She also works in the Psychosexual Service at The Women’s’ Hospital, and through their collaboration with Cancer Council Victoria, provides brief psychosexual interventions over the telephone with patients who have rung their Support Line. In her private practice, she sees people with sexual problems as well as other emotional problems and developmental trauma. She is a member of IARPP and the Mental Health Tribunal. She has worked in medicine for over 30 years.

How TrueNTH started

In 2012 the Movember Foundation brought together a group of experts from across Australia to develop a care model to support men with prostate cancer, their partners, carers and families. What the experts concluded was that the prostate cancer journey was somewhat predictable. We know and understand the treatments and likely side effects. We can even predict the changes a man’s body will go through. Yet the problem is that many men just “deal with it”, rather than seeking help when needed. TrueNTH aims to solve this problem by providing access to the right services at the right times.

How has the program evolved?

TrueNTH was piloted in Northern NSW and the Sunshine Coast, with a view to a potential national care model. Following the success of the pilot program, TrueNTH is now being delivered in selected health regions in Victoria,Northern Territory, Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

TrueNTH Funders

  • Movember
  • Beyond Blue

Network Service Providers:

  • Edith Cowan University, (Exercise)
    • Prof Rob Newton, Dr Nicolas Hart
  • Nicholas Denniston dietetics (Nutrition)
    • Nick Denniston
  • University of Queensland (Nutrition)
    • Brenton Baguley
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, (Psychological support)
    • Dr Olivia Wong
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, (Decision Support Aid)
    • Assoc. Prof Donna Berry
  • Continence Foundation Australia, (Continence)
    • Rowan Cockerell
  • Royal Women’s Hospital /Monash Health Psychosexual counselling service, (Sexual Recovery – intimacy/relationship counselling)
    • Dr Susan Carr, Dr Debbie Owies
  • Men’s Erectile Solutions (Sexual Recovery – Erectile Dysfunction)
    • Robert Candlish
  • Precedence Health Care, (cdmNet – eHealth technology solution)
    • Mike Georgeff

Network Partners:

  • USANZ (Urology Society Australia and New Zealand)
    • Prof Mark Frydenberg, Jeremy Grummet
  • ANZUP (Australia and New Zealand Urology and Prostate Cancer Trials Group)
    • Prof Ian Davis
  • RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) / University of Melbourne General practice
    • Prof Jon Emery
  • PCFA (Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia)
    • Assoc. Prof Anthony Lowe

Network Evaluation partners:

  • QUT (Queensland University of Technology)
    • Prof Patsy Yates
  • Deakin University (Health economics evaluation)
    • Prof Rob Carter, Anne Magnus
  • CSIRO (technology)
    • Dr Dana Bradford


Contact us on 1300 878 368 if you have any questions about TrueNTH.


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