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Dealing with illness can be complicated. There are appointments to make and keep, medications to manage and things your doctors want you to do (or stop) to improve your recovery. It’s a lot to keep track of, at a time your mind can be easily distracted by other worries. That’s where your TrueNTH Care Plan and cdmNet can help.

Your TrueNTH Care Plan

Your Care Plan is a summary of your prostate cancer treatment goals and the tasks you need to tackle to achieve them. You might have been given a print out of your Care Plan when you joined TrueNTH, but you can also access it online using cdmNet.

Check in online at cdmNet

cdmNet is where you can view your TrueNTH Care Plan online as well as communicate with members of your Care Team, updating them on your progress. Your Care Coordinator is notified as new information is posted, so any problems will be attended to in a timely manner.

It’s worthwhile checking in regularly to see how you’re going in relation to your goals and assessments and to collect messages from your team. To see what they’re saying about you today, login to cdmNet.

Download instructions for instructions on using cdmNet.

Check your progress or message your care team members today

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