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Laughing, lifting, sitting, sneezing, coughing, stopping the flow of urine… these are just some of the times you need your pelvic floor muscles. Before prostate cancer treatment you probably used these muscles unknowingly, taking their function for granted. After treatment it can be a different story; muscles and nerves may be damaged. Now when you laugh, lift, sit, sneeze or cough, you may find yourself leaking urine.

Flex time

Fortunately, problems with leaking urine do not have to be permanent or put up with. As with other muscle groups, you can exercise the pelvic floor to boost strength and improve your control of urine leakage.

Step 1: READ

Check out this excellent online guide to pelvic floor training

Step 2: WATCH

Watch the video below for tips on effective pelvic floor training (contains nudity)

Why train?

The main reason for pelvic floor training is to regain control of leaking urine. Sure, you can use absorbent, effective, male-specific pads or absorbent pants to catch leaking urine but for most men this isn’t the preferred option. These products are expensive and can make you feel like your testicles are in a sweat box. You might feel embarrassed that other men will see you using them (even though they are not noticeable). Doing pelvic floor training regularly means you won’t need these products as long. Pelvic floor fitness can also help sexual function.

When to train

  • Start training before surgery for the best outcome. Learn how to do the exercises and get your muscles familiar with the movement.
  • After surgery, get back to training after the catheter has been removed.


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